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The next release of our INSANE gluten-free vegan fried doughnuts will be
this Friday at 6:00 pm SHARP!!
🍩 Please check back on Friday and use the 'fried-doughnut-box' link below 🍩
It’s been a 7.5 year labour of love trying to develop a gluten-free, vegan fried doughnut. It's actually been 7.5 years of heartbreak. The recipes never worked or the results just weren't quite right.

On April 31st, 2022 I attempted another recipe, after 3 failed attempts, but was so scared of getting my heart broken again that I left them overnight before I tasted them. Little did I know that particular batch would be a turning point leading me to creating one of the BEST doughnuts in the UK.

Yes, I said it. Forget gluten-free or vegan, these are just brilliant full stop.
Don’t just listen to me though, check out some of the reviews here from coeliacs, vegans, coeliac-vegans and full-fat, carnivorous customers alike. They are unanimous in their affection for what's been created. Amazement, surprise and even tears (of joy!)
Are these safe for me?
Our doughnuts are certified gluten-free by an external lab, vegan, soy-free and made without the use of PEANUT or TREE NUT products.
We do use chickpea water and gluten-free oat milk to make them but these can be subbed for apple/banana and rice milk

Most of the toppings and fillings we use do not contain PEANUTS or TREE NUTS but we do work with some that do in the kitchen, so please bear this in mind. If you have any doubts then email us at and we will talk you through it.

The chances are though that our methods for reducing and eliminating cross contamination mean that they are safe for you and your loved ones.
How do I order them? I can’t find them on the website!
Our doughnuts are hot property. We release them for sale on Friday at 6 pm sharp using this link - The link will not work until Friday at 6 pm.

They sell out extremely fast (the record is 3 minutes!!!). The whole process then takes a week from when your order is received. This allows us to prepare all the boxes and labels and ensure we have enough ingredients in our little kitchen to make everything whilst still fulfilling all our baked doughnut orders made online, for Selfridges Food Hall, London and our wholesale partners.

We then excitedly make them fresh the following Thursday (unless we have to rearrange days in which case we will give you plenty of warning), they are collected by the courier in the evening and the shipped overnight to arrive with you on Friday, exactly one week from when you ordered them.

They are shipped on an AM delivery so they arrive as fresh as possible. So please DO NOT select a delivery date when ordering.
Where is my order?
Please bear in mind that everyone is ordering online these days and there are a lot of strikes planned. DHL will have sent tracking details via email and/or text. They will do their best to deliver in the morning but it can, on occasion, be delayed until later that day. If your order does not arrive then please contact DHL directly using the details on the tracking email or text. You have greater rights as a customer then we have.

Still no joy? Then drop Ryan a line at so we can try and help.
How do I reheat them? Can I reheat them?
Give them quick 10 second bursts in the microwave or a minute or two in a preheated oven or air fryer if they need a little softening up. Keep checking regularly until they get to a warmth and softness that is perfect for you. You can re-roll them in sugar or a cinnamon sugar blend too.

Can I freeze them?
We prefer that you don't but it is possible. You will need to let them come up to room temperature in a fridge overnight. You can then follow the instructions for reheating, above.
What flavours are on offer?
Jam - We use none other than Bonne Maman Raspberry Conserve
Vegan Hazelnut Chocolate - This filling does contain HAZELNUTS
Cinnamon Sugared - Caster sugar infused with the incredible Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder from our friends Island Source
Vanilla Bean Glazed - The classic and our personal favourite in the Borough 22 Kitchen.
Vanilla Custard - We make our own gluten free vegan custard based on Ravneet Gill's recipe from The Pastry Chef's Guide

Simply select the combination you would like from the drop-down box

Please remember to message us with a VOICE NOTE on Instagram telling us what you think. This really helps us get the message out which means we can keep improving your Borough 22 experience.