Lots of people think models don’t eat but after delivering our gluten free, vegan doughnuts to the ME Hotel as part of London Fashion Week, I can report back that it’s not entirely true. They don’t eat they ravish. In packs. And the food of choice is doughnuts. Lots and lots of doughnuts.

…I barely made it from the door to the sofa with 4 doughnuts left!!

For the past four days (Friday to Monday) London has been awash with models, stylists, editors, bloggers, vloggers, influencers, buyers and every and anyone who has connection to the fashion industry in London. Even those who have zero connection have donned their finest threads in a bid to be snapped milling about London’s Somerset House.

Borough 22 were excited to be asked to provide doughnuts to the Olympus UK event in association with Channel 4 regular Laura Ward-Ongley of The Fab Trade. The event was held in the penthouse suite of the exclusive Me London Hotel on the Strand, London. We put together a bespoke collection modelled by Laura below. I did try every trick under the sun to hang around and blag an amazing Olympus camera but these guys were not having a bar of it. Ha!

A Fab Trade. Doughnuts for Cameras

The brief from Laura was a ‘visual feast’ so we went for bold raspberry glazed pinks, dreamy whites and of course it would not be complete without our mini luxury gluten free vegan chocolate ‘Homer’ doughnuts with allllllll the sprinkles. I think she was a little bit pleased as punch with the results

(Gluten Free Vegan) Doughnuts… Is there anything they can’t do!

They look amazing don’t they. Sorry to do this to you on a Monday!These are not just for London’s fashionistas you’ll be pleased to know! If you would like to discuss gluten free, vegan catering at your next event – fashion related or otherwise – please get in touch with us here.