Many of us are choosing to take our lunch to work or take something with us if we are outside of the home instead of buying it. There are a few different reasons why you might choose to do that. Firstly, it can be a big way to save some money, and help you to be healthier. However, what you take for your lunch can get boring very quickly, especially if you choose the same thing day in day out. So here are some lunchbox ideas for eating al-fresco at work. 

The main event 

One of the issues you can have when it comes to a packed lunch is the main event. This is usually the largest and most savoury item that you eat. Perhaps you have one or all of these options suggested below over the course of a week, but you might want to switch things up a little. Here are some suggestions for the main event in your lunch. 


Sandwiches are one of the most popular choices when it comes to a lunchbox, however, while you may already embrace the sandwich, you likely will have the same, if not a very similar filling each day. So try and mix things up a little. Perhaps try different fillings such as alternative meat options or even fish and vegetable fillings. Maybe you could add salad to your sandwiches or sauces. 


A straightforward salad can be revolutionary at lunchtime and surprisingly filling. If you are bored of the same salad, why not jazz things up. Add some fruit or s protein like chicken, some seeds and nuts, and flavoursome dressing. 


Last of all, take the sandwich up a gear and choose a wrap instead. It could make even the most boring of fillings feel unique and enjoyable. 

Something sweet

Who doens’t like something sweet for dessert, and so adding someijnthing like that to your lunch can be a great treat and pick me up. You might already add a biscuit, but why not try some of these to transform your lunchtime. 

Doughnuts and cakes 

Who doesn’t love a doughnut or a nice piece of cake? They can put you in a good mood and have you feeling great. While some connect these things with being bad for you, you can get vegan and gluten-free doughnuts and cakes that can help you if you need to cut back in certain areas. 

Chocolate and treats 

A bit of chocolate, or any treat for that matter, is always going to have you feeling good. 


You can’t go wrong with fruit and while you can manage the craving for something sweet by choosing fruit, it can also help you to balance your lunchtime meal when it comes to healthiness. 

Drink your lunch 

Finally, you may want to consider lunch ‘on the go” not having much time to dedicate to eating something substantial. So instead you could consider drinking your lunch. Creating a shake or juice that is packed full of fruit, vegetables, milk or water can help you to get essential nutrients and vitamins while on the go. 

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for lunchbox ideas you can embrace in the future.