Could you tell us about the journey you have taken to open Rise Cafe? What made you choose the location of Brockley Rise?

When the site came up right next to our children’s school we knew it was going to be exciting. It had been a variety of food establishments during it’s lifetime, but Nolan spent 6 months stripping it back and creating what it is today.  From installing heating and a new boiler, he also used YouTube to learn how to build the seating, finally white washing all of the walls to give it a Scandinavian feel.

Are there any eateries/ cafes/ restaurants etc that inspired you?

We like to eat out and are forever inspired by the sense of a place, from the plates to the lighting….the lighting is very important. We often walk on past a place when looking for somewhere to eat if is too bright for date night!

You’ve created a space that promotes the sense of ‘hygge’. What does this concept mean to you?

It’s a feeling. It’s a Danish word that is very hard to translate but most people know it as cosy. It’s a huge part of us (with my Danish mum) and we live our life like that; it’s about being calm, and just being with friends in a nice place that is relaxed. We like it like that at home so wanted to make a space people where people come and relax and we will take care of you!

What excites you about the London cafe and food scene?

The variety (obviously) but generally we love the fact you can get anything, anywhere and there is always something new to try.

You are busy parents; how do you juggle the demands of running a business with family life? Do the children get involved with the cafe?

It’s all very busy! Nolan is at the cafe all of the time (which is why Sundays are still our day of rest….for now) and I do my ‘normal job’ alongside cafe life. Our two kids are very much involved – our daughter Tess loves being the ‘toy waitress’ and giving their old books and toys to the children that come along, but she has been known to serve a plate or two. She is only 4 so we have to make sure she doesn’t drop the plate! Dylan is 6 and loves telling his friends his cafe is next door, but tends to want to eat and drink everything in sight…

What made you decide to stock Borough 22 doughnuts?

We heard from a friend how amazing they are for vegans and those who are gluten-free. When Ryan came along with some sample we were sold. We also love the branding and ethos; quality but fun.  

Rise Cafe 108 Brockley Rise SE23 1NH London, United Kingdom . Follow the behind the scenes on instagram @rise_cafe.