Just under a week to go until Borough 22 re-launches at Selfridges Food Hall and there is still so much to do!

I’ve made so many lists that I actually made a list to list my lists! Last week was super manic but it did see me interview and recruit new staff members to help out in the kitchen. I’ll be introducing them to you shortly.

The website is also getting a revamp as you may have seen my talking about on the Borough 22 Instagram page. I’ve decided to migrate across to Squarespace and I have to say that while it’s a tonne of work there are lots of videos and guides to assist you with the process. The Squarespace platform is incredibly user friendly but be warned: you must be prepared to invest the time into getting it done right! I’ve been working on it for two to three hours most evenings over the past three weeks. On the plus side, I feel like I’m getting a high quality product at a very reasonable price.

I’m really excited about being back in Selfridges, I hear some of you have turning up over the past few months and been disappointed not to see them there!

The best way to keep in touch with where you can find Borough 22 doughnuts (other than my swanky new website of course!) is my following along on my social channels.

A sneak peak at Borough 22’s Shiny new website

With Squarespace being somewhat of a market leader, you have the ability to link into all kinds of cool applications such as Mailchimp, Google Doc’s & Stripe for online credit card payments and you can even transfer your existing domain, which meant I got to retain www.borough22.com – crucial to the brand’s continuity.

Of course if you really are pushed for time then you should still plan it out but you can pay someone to build it using sites such as fiverr. It will cost you more than a fiver, but you can get something decent for less than £100 for sure.

If you are not ready to make the jump to a paid for ecommerce site then I really would recommend Big Cartel. It’s very easy to set up and you can list up to five products for free. They have a limited variety of pre-set themes but you can definitely achieve something simple and uncluttered that will attract an audience and be easy to navigate. I opted to use this as opposed to the very popular Shopify platform which offered a paid-for service. A little bit better in terms of design but when you are just starting out every penny counts man!

I hope you find that all useful. A little bit of insight into my weekend, websites and worries. About as exciting as a slap round the face with an open palm but it’s progress. It’s progress.