Being a vegan often means that you can feel a little restricted when it comes to the food you can eat and there is one area in particular where you might find it hard. The sweet stuff! Some of us can’t resist embracing our sweet tooth, however, you may feel like you miss out on tasty treats because of the diet and lifestyle you have. But, you don’t have to worry anymore. Now you can create and even buy some of the most amazing sweet treats, some of which you may never have thought you could have because you are vegan. Here are some of the ones you need to try.


Doughnuts. You just can’t beat them. They have a cakey texture, they taste incredible, and you can get some awesome flavours. But because of the eggs, milk, and butter content, it would usually be a no-go. But now you can get incredible vegan doughnuts and some of them are even gluten-free. Replacing some of the core ingredients with vegan-friendly alternatives makes it a possibility to buy and even make your own. 

Brownies and cakes

The same principle can be applied to brownies or any other cake option. Replacing some of the ingredients with vegan altenrtaives means that you can now enjoy all of the cake goodness. Vegan chocolate can even give you that sweet hit that you may miss. 

Vanilla ice cream

Ice cream is usually not an option because of the milk and cream. However, you can make a great ice cream using coconut milk and cornflour. Of course, there are other ingredients to add in such as the vanilla flavouring, but this could be a game-changer, especially on a warm summers day. 


Cheesecake is usually not an option because of the cream cheese and egg that is needed as part of the usual ingredients list, but using almond milk and agave syrup, along with some other key ingredients can help you to make a base for any sort of flavour you are after. The base can be made up of almonds and dates.  Lemon is always a great choice for a cheesecake. 


Unfortunately, not all biscuits are vegan, and while you can rely on some brands, others make use of animal products in their ingredients such as milk. However, a quick search online will help to highlight some of the biscuits you can eat as a vegan. Rich tea, for example, is always a reliable option. You can even create your own biscuits and even better, shortbread, if you wanted to enjoy that sweet hit with a nice cup of tea or coffee. 


Finally, a chocolate mousse would always be a great option for a dessert but as a vegan, you have to consider the cream and chocolate content. But, you can create a great mouse with vegan alternatives and using coconut milk can be a great way to get the right texture. 

Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for some of the sweet treats you can still enjoy as a vegan.